About Timber

Timber-bubbleTimber is my Animal Crossing: Wild World town.

Although Timber is a relatively old town, it wasn’t until May 2018 that I picked it up again and began playing daily.

I’ve had a pretty complicated relationship with Wild World since I bought my cartridge second-hand in 2009. By that time, I was already obsessed with City Folk. Pretty much addicted, to be honest. In every sense, I was a late-comer to the game and it really did feel pale in comparison to the feature-rich experience of it’s Wii counterpart. So, naturally, I lost interest fast and ultimately my cartridge became destined to a life of shame in the back of my desk drawer, coated in a pretty gross layer of dust. (Tragic, I know).

More recently, though, I feel I’ve really started to appreciate the simplicity of Wild World. Of course, the game is very basic compared to later instalments in the series but it’s almost… Charming, you know? Wild World has really become a great outlet when I’m feeling stressed, or sad, or if I just want to plant some damn digital trees in the comfort of my own home! Whoa, this got way too deep; point is, I’m really enjoying my adventures as Pines, resident of Timber and I can’t wait to share them with you! Icon_0018_Music-note

Human Residents

  • Pines – m – (Main character)
  • Moss – f – (Side character, pattern storage)



Villager_0007_Roald Villager_0006_Lucy  Villager_0005_Rodeo  Villager_0003_Derwin  Villager_0002_Marina  Villager_0000_Rocco  Villager_0008_Baabara Villager_0009_Gabi
Roald, Lucy, Rodeo, Derwin, Marina, Bunny, Rocco, Baabara, Gabi.


Mint, Bunnie.

My Stats


House expansions: One room, full expansion
Nook store: Nookway
Fruit: Apple (native), Orange, Pear, Peach, Coconut
Perfect town: No


Complete: None
Incomplete: fossils, paintings, bugs, fish.


Boondox donations:cIcon_0001_feather-greencIcon_0000_feather-greycIcon_0000_feather-greycIcon_0000_feather-greycIcon_0000_feather-greycIcon_0000_feather-greycIcon_0000_feather-grey
Tools: Icon_0010_Gold-shovel Icon_0007_Fishing-rod Icon_0005_Net Icon_0003_Watering-can Icon_0009_Axe Icon_0001_Slingshot