Timber Bottle Mail #8

I loaded up my game this morning to find a letter from Bunnie. It looks like she decided to leave after all, despite sticking around for an extra day yesterday.

20180704_11-22-19.793 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180704_11-22-07.896 ANIMAL CROSS.png

We’ll miss you, Bunnie! According to Amy and Choco, my personal Wild World experts, villagers sometimes do stay in boxes for two days if they haven’t quite made up their mind about moving. It basically acts as a second opportunity to change their mind. Good to know, even if it was a little too late for Bunnie! Icon_0020_Gyroid

This morning’s turnip prices were a lot better than yesterday, although there still wasn’t a clear trend that I could work out for this week. I decided to hold onto them until the afternoon, rather than make a profit of 11 bells per turnip…

20180704_11-25-58.468 ANIMAL CROSS.png

On the bright side, the Able Sisters were selling one of my all-time favourite items this morning, so I snatched that up before carrying out today’s business in town.

20180704_11-28-54.383 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Today, like every other Wednesday, Crazy Redd was set up in front of the town hall.

20180704_11-33-47.364 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180704_11-34-49.193 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I took a quick look but he was selling the worthy painting, which I already bought and donated last week. Ah well, I’ll see you next week, Redd.

As for Rocco, you guessed it! He’s still sick. This will be my eighth day bringing him medicine… Am I doing something wrong? I wouldn’t really mind but I’m worried this cold might be preventing him from packing up and leaving Timber!

20180704_11-36-20.753 ANIMAL CROSS.png

The clock struck twelve (ok Cinderella, calm down) as I left Rocco’s place. So I headed back to Nook’s to check his afternoon prices.

I bumped into Marina just outside. She wanted to gift me her bromo bromelea potted plant, and I was happy to accept; you can never have too many plants!

20180704_11-39-10.027 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180704_11-39-28.546 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Don’t worry, Marina; your broccoli is in very good hands! Icon_0003_Watering-can

Nook’s turnip prices had gone up to 135 bells each. I caved and sold my stash since the prices so far this week have been pretty… unruly. Not a great profit, but still a lot better than a loss.

20180704_12-01-36.527 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180704_12-21-34.893 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I carted my turnip bells over to the town hall and made another donation of 50,000 bells to Boondox, which should be just enough for me to receive my next letter. Pelly said they’ll use my donation to cope with a recent flu outbreak!

20180704_12-26-34.992 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180704_12-26-45.761 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Pelly, poor Rocco has been sick for a week straight! Icon_0004_Medicine

I used some of the remainder to cover my mortgage, although I still have a long way to go before the next house upgrade.

I ended my day the same as aways: with a piping hot cup of Brewster’s finest. Icon_0018_Music-note

20180704_12-46-53.552 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180704_12-47-08.759 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Until next time! Icon_0027_Lucky-clover

3 thoughts on “Timber Bottle Mail #8

  1. Aww… Rocco is REALLY allergic to the medicine’s you’ve been giving him–

    Good thing you at least got a bit of profit from those turnips… Maybe high turnip prices from Joan is a sign of doom hahaha. Selling turnips used to be so much easier back when we could wi-fi to other towns with high turnip prices!

  2. Your personal Wild World experts, hahaha, that’s great 😀
    It’s true that villagers won’t pack up when they’re sick, but I’m sure Rocco will get better one of these days! He better give you something good 😛

    • Just as I thought… it might be quicker to leave the cold to kill him off at this rate. I know a shady fox who’s pretty good at… transporting things.

      I won’t set my hopes too high for that reward, I’m almost certain it’ll be along the lines of a concrete wall or a traffic cone…

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