Timber Bottle Mail #7

After dropping so many bells on turnips on Sunday, I decided to load up Timber twice today: once in the morning, and a second time in the evening.

The weather this morning seemed pretty nice, although the morning mist stuck around a little longer than usual. Pete had already been by and dropped off a letter from Redd containing this week’s password.

20180703_11-26-18.210 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180703_11-19-38.365 ANIMAL CROSS

Rodeo was waiting right outside my front door to ask me a question that seemed… very out of character for him.

20180703_11-21-38.186 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180703_11-22-04.003 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Lucy was also waiting just off screen to brag about her new designer clothes. I still can’t quite believe she was wearing an outfit by the one and onlysomeone from a townIcon_0007_Pitfall

20180703_11-22-23.626 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180703_11-22-27.544 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Next, I headed over to Nooks, but sadly his turnip prices were still pretty abysmal, so I decided to hold onto my stash.

20180703_11-20-12.679 ANIMAL CROSS

I was on my way to tend my flower gardens when I was tackled by an Angry Bird™ (I’m so sorry for that).

20180703_11-23-14.053 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180703_11-23-26.140 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Honestly Roald probably had every reason to be frustrated since I still – for the life of me – can’t remember ever inviting him over.

My tulip garden seemed to be pretty happy at least, since a purple tulip popped up overnight!

20180703_11-24-25.187 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I noticed Gracie’s car was parked up by the town hall while I was watering my gardens, but I couldn’t let her see me sans accessoire; she’d run me over on the spot! And I’m not so sure the insurance that shady otter sold me would cover that… 

I sprinted over to the Able Sisters to see if they had any emergency supplies. A moustache maybe? An eyepatch?

20180703_11-27-41.237 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Uhh… Well, it serves its purpose I guess…

Now it was my time to shine! Today’s the day I finally get my fashionista badge, I’m sure of it!

20180703_11-29-06.579 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180703_11-29-54.006 ANIMAL CROSS.png

She asked me a whole bunch of questions – from surviving ripped jeans to collar etiquette. I decided to use the foolproof strategy of… just choosing the first answer for each question.

20180703_11-43-01.197 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I did it! Icon_0029_Party-popper Now the next time Gracie’s in town I’ll be able to get my hands on her exclusive items. It was here that I decided to end my play first session, so I could return in the evening to check turnip prices a second time.

The weather took a complete 180º this evening: the clouds were a dull grey and rain was soaking every last inch of town. And to think I spent twenty minutes watering all my flowers this morning… Icon_0003_Watering-can

20180703_21-57-30.159 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180703_21-57-31.605 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Earlier I had noticed Bunnie’s house was still on my map. I guessed she must have changed her mind about moving so I was pretty confused when I visited her and saw this:

20180703_21-55-07.623 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180703_21-55-13.373 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I had no idea villagers could remain in boxes for two days before moving out! Is this just something I’ve never noticed before? I haven’t seen this kind of behaviour in any game to date… I didn’t bother asking her to stay, I figure it’s totally her decision at this point.

Many villagers were still going about their business in Timber despite the storm. Marina was searching for a bathmat that Bunnie had tipped her off about.

20180703_21-58-08.021 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180703_21-58-13.145 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Looks like Bunnie sent poor Marina on a wild bathmat chase and planned on leaving town before she caught on!

Baabara was also out braving the rain. She was sure to remind me about the flea market coming up this weekend.

20180703_22-03-38.061 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180703_22-03-47.732 ANIMAL CROSS.png

The flea market is one of the few events that were actually removed in New Leaf. I kind of miss it (even if it has become somewhat redundant) so I’ll definitely be taking part.

As for Rocco he’s still, well, you know. Icon_0004_Medicine

20180703_22-19-00.636 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Come on pal, I think it’s time you let go… Just close your eyes, it’ll all be over soon.

I bumped into Marina a second time when I left Rocco’s place. It looked like she had given up hope on ever finding the elusive bathmat. She did, however, ask me a question I’ve been asking myself for weeks now…

20180703_22-19-36.766 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180703_22-19-46.721 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Oh, by the way, this evening’s turnip prices were also awful, so my house is still packed with 990 white turnips. Icon_0009_White-Turnip

I decided to shelter from the rain with a hot coffee at the Roost before calling it a day in Timber.

20180703_22-27-00.588 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180703_22-27-38.691 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Yeesh, this was such a long post – sorry about that! I’ll try to be more concise in my next entry.

Until next time! Icon_0027_Lucky-clover


6 thoughts on “Timber Bottle Mail #7

  1. I remember villagers staying in boxes for 2 days in my old WW town too! It’s really weird now that I’m used to ACNL’s mechanics… but it’s a thing that happens sometimes. You could’ve convinced her to stay again the second time, though! She might’ve changed her mind.

    In a way, the flea market still kind of exists in NL. I think when they invite you to their home, they ask what furniture you want from their home. Haha. The flea market lives on! kind of!

    • Oh my gosh, no way! I had no idea they would play hard to get in Wild World haha! I’m not too upset about Bunnie leaving anyway, she’s a cutie but definitely not one of my faves. I can’t wait to see who arrives next!

      Yeah, that’s true… I kind of miss the running from home-to-home though looking for cool stuff, although I am glad it was preserved in some way!

  2. I love your sky photos to start off the post, so lovely to set the mood :’) I think Wild World is the only AC game where a whole screen is dedicated to the sky, so it’s really nice to see those sky shots ^^

    Congratulations on growing so many hybrids already! It’s always so exciting and satisfying to see one pop up, especially early on when you’re getting some of your first ones. ^_^

    Haha! I do the same thing with Gracie’s answers, it really does seem to be programmed that way!?

    About Bunnie, I noticed long ago (back when I had a lot of villagers moving in and out of Dafdilly) that if you talk to a villager who is packed up, but they aren’t convinced to stay (ie. they don’t say the magic words like “I lost my passport!” or whatever), sometimes they will stick around the next day, but still packed up. It’s like the game is giving you another chance. So what’s funny is if you want to get a villager packed up to get on with it and go, it’s best to not say goodbye — so cold xP

    • Thank you so much! You’re right, it certainly is the only AC game; GameCube didn’t even have a visible sky!

      It certainly is satisfying but, wow, it’s a lot of work. Some days I don’t even get native flowers popping up in my gardens, let alone hybrids. I doubt I’ll ever get enough to landscape with, but I can always mix and match with other flowers around town!

      I’ve seen a lot of conflicting info about Gracie’s answers (dramatic lol). It seems the first answer method works most of the time, but there’s also a bunch of people who claim that didn’t work for them. Does the badge rely solely on the questions, or does Gracie take your outfit into account too? Ah, there’s so much unknown for me in Wild World – it’s kind of refreshing!

      That’s so crazy! I don’t think that behaviour has been replicated in any other AC game, right? I certainly can’t recall seeing it anyway. Thanks for all the info though, I feel like I’m learning from the pros haha!

      • Ah yeah, it is pretty slow progress in Wild World; that’s part of why it’s so satisfying when they do pop up, though. That’s what I had to do at first, too! I had my little hybrid ‘island’ (the split river thing) where I mixed them in with regular flowers to create a colorful effect.

        That’s funny there’s conflicting reports about the Gracie answers! xD I just know whenever I try to get into her head and answer how I think she would answer, I get it wrong, but when I do the trick… 😛

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