New 3DS Cover Plate

Look what arrived at my door just now!


I’ve been tempted by this cover plate ever since I bought my New 3DS but the price has always seemed a little too high for my wallet. So when I found this reduced on Amazon last night, I bought it without hesitation!

The quality really is lovely! Now I’m just waiting on my 10-pack of replacement styluses that are shipping from who-knows-where. Not that I can complain, they only cost me like $2.

Hope you’re having a pleasant Tuesday! Icon_0020_Gyroid


3 thoughts on “New 3DS Cover Plate

  1. So cuteeee. I always wanted a new 3DS just so I can put cover plates. My old 3DS is pretty beat up now.. (the hinge broke.. sigh.) I wish I could buy a new 3DS or a switch but whoop, I still need to earn a bit more money.

    Glad you’re getting those sweet deals. HAHA I somehow happen to miss sale periods and find out a day after it’s finished. :’D

    • Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about your old 3DS! I mean, as long as it still works, right?

      Honestly I’m usually the same, which is why I was so quick to buy this plate when I saw it was reduced!

      • Yeah! It still works and is currently in the hands of my friend so I can’t really play these days… Hopefully she’s taking good care of it better than I do HAHAH

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