Timber Bottle Mail #4

The weather was pretty nice in Timber today . It seems the rainy season might be coming to a close, which has really increased my workload where my hybrid gardens are concerned! Icon_0003_Watering-can

I received a few letters today; the first from my mom, asking me about some mysterious eyebrow man; and a second from Boondox.

20180630_17-42-42.486 ANIMAL CROSS 20180630_17-41-32.228 ANIMAL CROSS

It looks like yesterday’s donation went towards repairing the town post office, rather than working the land, as Pelly told me.

The final letter put a bit of a dampner on my mood:

20180630_17-42-31.412 ANIMAL CROSS

I’m going to miss Mint a little (even if she did straight up call me overbearing in her goodbye…); she was one of the few cute islands in Timber’s sea of uglies. Ah well, I’m looking forward to seeing who takes her place!

Tom Nook was having his 5x points offer but none of the furniture really caught my eye. I did nab some more flowers and saplings, though. Icon_0030_Sapling

20180630_17-44-20.324 ANIMAL CROSS

The Able Sisters were selling this bad boy and I couldn’t resist. I sprinted down to the beach all Tutted-up to make a few snow– uh, sand angels!

20180630_17-48-00.433 ANIMAL CROSS 20180630_17-51-12.572 ANIMAL CROSS

No new hybrids again today, just a lot of watering to take care of. It doesn’t help that I’m severely lacking in red flowers to complete most of my gardens. Fingers crossed for tomorrow, I guess!

20180630_18-02-38.853 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180630_18-04-26.244 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Derwin (mandatory yuck) was out taking a stroll so I stopped for a chat.

20180630_20-00-53.141 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180630_20-01-02.181 ANIMAL CROSS.png  20180630_20-01-12.030 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180630_20-01-07.896 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Could it be that this whole conversation was just some convoluted scheme to sell me a yellow bar shirt? I don’t know, but what I do know is I’m not giving a single bell to him.

Speaking of Bunnie, she’s still deep in the void of her midlife crisis…

20180630_20-01-58.452 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180630_20-02-04.104 ANIMAL CROSS.png

It seemed pink furniture was the only ray of hope in her time of despair, so I headed out to see what I could find.

20180630_20-03-08.688 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Hey! I guess I can take advantage of Nook’s points deal, after all! Bunnie seemed pretty pleased with my gift, too. So pleased, in fact, she rewarded me with a shiny, brand new, state-of-the-art shanty mat! I sure hope she doesn’t go checking the recycling bin any time soon…

Finally, I decided to round off the night the best way one can: with the musical stylings of  Mr K.K. Slider. Icon_0018_Music-note

Thanks for reading,

Until next time! Icon_0027_Lucky-clover

One thought on “Timber Bottle Mail #4

  1. NOOOOOO MINTTTT!!!!!! I actually like Mint D: Ah well.. Hopefully, a better villager will take her place! Fingers crossed. 😀

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