Teeny, Tiny Update

Hey everyone! I just wanted to write a quick post to let you know I haven’t abandoned this blog. I’m about to start a year of research in a laboratory as part of my university degree… and that year takes place in Spain, rather than the UK, so I’ve been doing a lot of traveling around Europe in the mean time.

That said, I’m here in Spain now (and adjusting to the heat…) and hope to be settled in by the end of next week, so there’s definitely a new post on the way! But until then, I’d just like to say a big thank you for your patience – it’s really appreciated, guys. Icon_0020_Gyroid

Oh! Also, feel free to follow me on instagram @planetariuhm if you want to be kept up-to-date with my life outside of Animal Crossing (Isabelle HATES him! Local nerd does, in fact, have a life outside of Animal Crossing!). No pressure or anything!

Speak to you soon! Icon_0018_Music-note

Timber Bottle Mail #12

The weather was pretty miserable in Timber today. Loading up my game I was met with grey, overcast skies and–

20180714_16-41-22.914 ANIMAL CROSS copy.png 20180714_16-40-27.330 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Ugh, I can’t do this today.
I can’t act like everything is okay.

Fact is, I have been deceived, betrayed and outright attacked by somebody I once considered a close friend:

20180714_16-43-21.668 ANIMAL CROSS

Life really caught up with me this week, so I’ve missed playing the odd day here and there – but never more than one day at a time. Yet, it seems, my old pal Baabara packed up and left Timber right under my nose.

I mean, yes, she would make fun of my appearance, and yes, she never missed an opportunity to humiliate me in public… but she looked so soft and squishy, you know?

Lucky for me, the town was full of excited, musical animals to cheer me right up! That’s right, today is La-Di-Day! Icon_0018_Music-note

20180714_16-46-30.182 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180714_16-41-22.914 ANIMAL CROSS

First though, I was pleasantly surprised to find not one, not two, but three new hybrids – including my first orange rose! Looks like my gardens are really enjoying all this rain.

20180714_16-47-46.137 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180714_16-52-49.454 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I wasn’t sure whether anything special would spawn from the pink x white pattern I set up in my cosmos garden, so I’m pleased to see that new pink cosmos in particular. I’ll be sure to make a mental note of that since detailed hybrid guides for Wild World are pretty sparse. Icon_0003_Watering-can

And with that out of the way, it’s time for the main event; show us what you’ve got, guys!

It was some tough competition between Marina and Lucy, but in the end I chose Marina’s jingle for Timber’s new town tune, and she seemed… pleased (?)… I think… I really have no idea.

20180714_17-28-44.529 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180714_17-28-50.538 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I still had a while to wait before K.K. Slider’s weekly performance at the Roost, so I decided to do a little interior design using a chair I found in the lost-and-found, and a new plant from Nook’s. Icon_0019_Leaf

20180714_17-39-16.118 ANIMAL CROSS.png

They’re not much, but I really love how they match Pines’ room!

Finally, after a small break, it was time to end my day in Timber with one of my favourite live performances: Mr. K.K. Enjoy!

I hope you’re having a chill start to your weekend.

Until next time! Icon_0027_Lucky-clover

Welcome to Mackerel…

Welcome to the first instalment of Project: Mackerel! Icon_0018_Music-note

Having played New Leaf since it’s release way back in 2013 (and working my way through countless towns), it’s pretty surprising that I’ve never released an actual dream address. To be honest I’ve never felt a real sense of pride in any of my towns to date, so I’ve always made it a habit to push back sharing my town until I’ve finished X, Y or Z. Well, that’s where things are about to change!

So, what is Project: Mackerel?

Above all, this new miniseries exists to push me towards that hallowed end-goal of releasing a Dream Address for my hacked town, Mackerel! Posts will consist of town updates, without taking the form of a day-in-the-life entry – that’s what Bottle Mail is for, after all – and will be sporadic to say the least. That said, I really hope you’ll stick around for the ride and I’d love any input you guys can provide, too.

Continue reading below the cut for some background on Mackerel, and a first look at its unique countryside. I really hope you enjoy!

Icon_0011_Acorn  Icon_0011_Acorn  Icon_0011_Acorn

Welcome to Mackerel, a coastal town torn between two drastically different fates. While all land North of the river remains proud of its farming heritage, the recent success of the town’s fishing industry has prompted a developmental boom in the Southside. Although some residents would argue the contrary, the town hall insists it is taking every measure to ensure this development doesn’t cross the water and begin encroaching on the North’s woodland, but only time will tell whether the industry that has put Mackerel on the map will end up being its downfall.

The newly appointed mayor of Mackerel, Tobiah, lives but a few steps off the beaten brick track that prevents visitors getting lost in the dense undergrowth of the North. Take a stroll down the reclaimed wood path and you’ll soon encounter his prized beehive.

tobis-house Tobi's-beehive-2

There exist countless tales of fairies hiding in the less-accessible areas of town, although these are mostly chalked up to stories concocted by generations past to entertain children. Not that anyone has really taken on the relentless woodland to disprove them. The following is an alleged photo of a fairy circle discovered in the mid-1800s, although the exact location photographed has, like much of the town, become lost in history.


A long-time resident of Timber, Cole, lives but a stone’s throw away from Tobi’s doorstep. Cole makes up one of four residents who chose to remain in the heart of the forest once the majority migrated across the river, prompted by improved transportation and the promise of employment in the poverty-stricken Mackerel of days gone by.


Cole maintains that he can rely on the landscape to provide all he needs. It may not be much, but it’s enough.

The town bell sits unused behind Tobi’s notably quaint home. Historically, the landmark was used to call cattle for feeding, but Mackerel’s long-struggling livestock trade died out with the transition to fishing pioneered by the Southside. Nowadays the bell only chimes on special occasions, for example as part of the town’s New Year’s celebrations.


Continue wandering past the bell and you’ll find the home of Coco, our third resident. Coco’s house was lovingly constructed with an impressive view of the statue fountain that watches over the woodland. The origin of this fountain is unknown, but it is said to protect the town from outside threats. Some go as far as to believe this fountain is the only entity preventing overdevelopment of the remaining lush, green landscape.

coco fountain

Huck’s family farm is one of Mackerel’s oldest landmarks, and Huck is certainly quite the character! The rickety farmhouse was sadly lost in storm a couple of winters back, and never recovered. Not that Huck minds, she’s taken to sleeping with the chickens in her specially renovated hen house!

Windmill2 land

The one area of the Northside that has been subject to large-scale construction in recent years is now the home of the Mackerel Railway.

station Birdie

Although the station was built on a site of historical importance, the proposed construction was met with very little resistance. Surrounding towns often scoff that Mackerel’s residents are stuck in the past, which – admittedly – has some truth to it, but they certainly aren’t stupid; a town can’t survive nowadays without a suitable transport link for trade and tourism. Like it or not, sometimes the past must remain in the past.

Timber Bottle Mail #11

Timber was dark and stormy when I finally got around to playing tonight. I almost felt bad forcing Pines out of his warm bed to brave the rain!

20180709_20-47-27.096 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_20-48-16.513 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I had two new letters in my mailbox: my weekly evaluation from the Happy Home Academy, and a quick letter from my mom. The Academy’s letter was pretty positive compared to what I’ve been receiving the past few weeks. Mom’s, on the other hand, not so much…

20180709_20-48-55.821 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_20-49-05.134 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Darwin was one of many neighbours splashing around town. He informed me that the rain hadn’t let up all day.

20180709_20-52-26.468 ANIMAL CROSS.png

It’s been so hot and dry in the UK for a good few weeks now, so I’ve been enjoying the showers in Timber, even if I can’t experience them firsthand! Icon_0028_Jacobs-ladder

20180709_20-52-31.471 ANIMAL CROSS.pngI wish you would…

I bumped into Lucy by the river. She remained her usual positive self, despite the gloomy weather.

20180709_20-53-52.646 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_20-53-58.781 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Baabara was the third villager I encountered on the way to my hybrid gardens. She had unearthed some old diary. Icon_0011_Shovel

20180709_20-55-41.795 ANIMAL CROSS 20180709_20-55-47.033 ANIMAL CROSS

Given that I never really got stuck into Wild World the same way I did City Folk, I’d never seen this dialogue before – so that was pretty exciting! She asked me to pick a page to read, and I chose somewhere between the middle and the final entry.

20180709_20-56-43.793 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_20-56-52.247 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Our chilling discovery left Baabara pale with fright. Would we ever be able to move past the horrors we had read in that diary? I suppose only time will tell…

20180709_20-56-58.284 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_20-57-04.637 ANIMAL CROSS.png

In other news, I found my third orange pansy today! I decided to combine it with the other two to make their own miniature breeding garden.

20180709_20-59-55.090 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Despite his miraculous recovery, Rocco was still shut away inside his house.

20180709_21-05-00.892 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_21-05-04.794 ANIMAL CROSS.png

OR how about you stay inside, alone and I’ll go talk to the villagers that actually appreciate my time and wouldn’t reward me with a kiddie wall if I was to cure what one can only presume was the Black Death, itself?

20180709_21-05-32.643 ANIMAL CROSS.pngOh, for the love of–

Two new posts on the bulletin board outside the town hall reminded me that the Bug Off and La-Di-Day were fast approaching. This weekend should be fun! Icon_0018_Music-note

20180709_21-08-45.940 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_21-09-11.219 ANIMAL CROSS.png

A pretty interesting ‘Talking to Myself’ message and a deeply disturbing Message of the Week had also been posted.

20180709_21-09-24.157 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_21-08-51.691 ANIMAL CROSS.pngSeriously… I can’t be the only one filled with inexplicable dread by the pickle fingers message, right?

It was only now that I realised a new house had popped up on the map to replace Bunnie’s!

20180709_21-13-24.227 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Gabi had moved into Timber yesterday without me noticing! She’s a cutie, so I’m happy to have her.

I also decided to drop in on Marina, who was sheltering inside her house. Weird, I’d have though she of all my villagers would appreciate a little water!

20180709_21-17-12.861 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_21-17-16.718 ANIMAL CROSS.png

It’s nice to see she isn’t regretting her decision to stay put in town.

My final stop of the night was The Roost for a hot cup of coffee. Phyllis was also there, fuelling up before her shift started, no doubt.

20180709_21-20-57.022 ANIMAL CROSS.png

… And she was as pleasant as can be expected, really. Looks like she also isn’t too thrilled about the rain.

20180709_21-21-02.945 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_21-21-07.424 ANIMAL CROSS.png

And with that, I grabbed a cup of my own and called it a day in Timber.

20180709_21-22-14.880 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Until next time, friends! Icon_0027_Lucky-clover

Side note: I failed to shoot down Gulliver’s UFO for the third time tonight. I’m genuinely considering starting a tally.

Timber Bottle Mail #10

The weather in Timber was lovely this evening! I managed to catch the very start of tonight’s sunset, while the town was bathed in a warm, golden glow. Icon_0018_Music-note

20180707_16-30-36.963 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180707_16-31-51.738 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Of course, today was the Flea Market, and I was looking forward to bagging a couple of deals.

I also received a very cute letter from my mom about the fireflies back home.

20180707_16-32-13.944 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Now, let’s get down to business! Well, I mean, I would if anyone was actually home…

20180707_16-33-23.208 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180707_16-33-51.618 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180707_16-34-13.043 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180707_16-33-37.733 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Guys, please, open up! I need to manipulate you into selling me things dirt cheap!

Well, after a handful of disappointments I eventually arrived at Baabara’s place, who was happy to let me browse what she had to offer. I knew she wouldn’t let me down!

20180707_16-34-39.554 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Unfortunately, though, she was pretty attached to both items that caught my eye. Well, I guess it’s for the best – I wouldn’t want to mess up such cute interior design, anyway.

20180707_16-35-14.419 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180707_16-35-33.047 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Rocco was also home, which really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, given how sick he’s been this last week. But wait… He’s finally recovered!

And to think, it only took a dose of medicine strong enough to bring down, well, a hippoIcon_0004_Medicine

20180707_16-37-16.519 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180707_16-37-21.120 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Whoa there, big guy, you might want to think long and hard before you start throwing the big F-word around so causally… Well, the other big F word, anyway.

Anyway, enough of the waterworks… I think I deserve a thank-you gift!

20180707_16-37-27.423 ANIMAL CROSS.png

REALLY!?! I hand delivered medicine to you for a week straight and you think a butt-ugly kiddie wall is–

Whoa, whoa…
Okay… I’m okay.
Everything’s okay

I mean, I guess the real payoff is now I can work on getting this hideous hippo out of my precious Timber…

20180707_16-37-35.946 ANIMAL CROSS.png


I swear, Rocco, sleep with one eye open.

20180707_18-08-15.996 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Uh, sorry about all that… I blacked out for a second there. Where were we, again?

Oh yeah, I decided to take a break and tend to my flower gardens to let off some steam.

20180707_16-39-04.297 ANIMAL CROSS.png

A second orange pansy popped up in my Southern hybrid garden. Cute! Icon_0003_Watering-can

After selling a handful of things at Nook’s, I decided to stop by the Able Sisters for a chat with Sable. She shared some advice her father used to tell her and Mable when they were kids.

20180707_16-49-38.650 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180707_16-49-45.703 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Inspired by Sable’s words-of-wisdom, I decided to head home and dump out all the clutter taking up valuable space in my wardrobe. This way I can finally make a start on furnishing Pines’ main room.

Come and get it, guys! Icon_0019_Leaf

20180707_16-42-42.204 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180707_16-45-51.465 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Roald was first through the door and into my room (that looked like something straight out of Hoarders). I managed to offload my red armchair, my beach chair and of course the bromo– bromelee– (oh forget it!) plant that Baabara gifted me the other day.

20180707_16-51-29.469 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180707_16-52-36.406 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Next up was Derwin. Welcome to my collection of shame! Please, this is a cry for help! He bought my cabana wardrobe, my bonsai and my candle.

20180707_16-54-53.105 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180707_16-56-02.723 ANIMAL CROSS.png

My final customer was Lucy, who I gently encouraged to buy my tape deck and my candy machine.

With so much of the trash gone, I could finally start decorating Pines’ room! I like to imagine him as an explorer, visiting far-off lands and discovering lost treasures, so I decided to model his room around that. It isn’t much, but it’s a start!

20180707_17-21-48.951 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Since there was still a little while to go before K.K.’s gig at The Roost, I finished my daily chores and chatted with a couple of villagers while I waited.

I bumped into Roald, who asked me for a new greeting. Naturally, I choose an awful pun.

20180707_17-41-32.906 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180707_17-45-40.431 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Some time later, I bumped into Lucy by the bridge. She wanted to ask me a personality quiz to determine which local celebrity I was most like. Needless to say, I was pretty pleased with the result!

20180707_17-52-10.923 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180707_17-52-15.142 ANIMAL CROSS.png

It wasn’t long before 8pm rolled around, and it was time for the musical stylings of Mr. Slider. I hope you enjoy his performance of Lucky K.K. Icon_0018_Music-note

Have a great weekend!

Until next time! Icon_0027_Lucky-clover

Timber Bottle Mail #9

The day had already been and gone by the time I got chance to load up Timber tonight. The moon was high in the sky and one of my constellations was beginning to come into view.

20180705_22-35-10.768 ANIMAL CROSS.png

No new hybrids spawned since yesterday, but I did receive my letter from Boondox! My donation was used to complete a new irrigation system in town.

20180705_22-35-26.227 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Of course, Rocco was still sick so I ran over to Nooks to pick up some more medicine before closing time. Honestly, Rocco, you owe me big time for all this. 

20180705_22-47-03.039 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-47-12.793 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Finally, some new dialogue! Could it be that Rocco is recovering at last? I sure hope so! That way I can finally work on getting him out of town. Icon_0029_Party-popper

Shrunk visited Timber tonight, and I found him wandering just south of Rocco’s place.

20180705_22-47-54.800 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-48-11.372 ANIMAL CROSS.png

He asked me how my “emotional exploration” was going. I informed him that things were going pretty good! Icon_0018_Music-note

20180705_22-48-19.758 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-48-26.379 ANIMAL CROSS.png

… Which is apparently the wrong answer unless you’re in the market for an uncomfortable heart-to-heart, rather than new emotions. Noted.

Round two!

20180705_22-48-42.871 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-48-57.029 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Shrunk decided I should watch him to learn all about a fun, new emotion he called “distress”. He told me a story about his early days practicing stand-up. It began with an impromptu comedy show in some restaurant he found himself in.

20180705_22-49-52.590 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-49-57.127 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-50-01.844 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-50-07.847 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Oh, how they all laughed!

Poor guy, at least he can use him misfortune as an educational tool for this numb, emotionless shell of a boy!

20180705_22-50-42.883 ANIMAL CROSS.png


Baabara was taking a stroll along the beach. It seems she had lost track of time and had to cancel a cute bonding activity she had planned for us. Icon_0023_Shell-2

20180705_22-52-26.551 ANIMAL CROSS.png

She asked me to deliver a letter to Marina, so I headed back inland to go find her.

I found Marina wandering by the town gate, but she managed to ping me before I could hand over Baabara’s letter. She wanted me to try a quiz she had created.

20180705_22-54-15.691 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-54-20.357 ANIMAL CROSS.png

This pop quiz consisted of one question: what kind of ice cream would she like right now? The options were “tiny” or “normal size”, and of course I chose the second option – what kind of freak would choose a tiny ice cream over your average, tried-and-tested cone size?

20180705_22-54-49.578 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-55-00.180 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Baabara’s letter left Marina “so very happy”. So happy, in fact, she wanted to share it with me before sending me on my way to “give a big hug to Baabara” for her.

20180705_22-55-51.203 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-56-01.526 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Though, I can’t shake the feeling that Marina can’t actually read…

Rodeo had pinged me during Marina’s pop quiz, so I decided to see what was up with him since I really don’t talk to him as often as most of my other neighbours.

20180705_22-56-29.725 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Aaaaand that’s enough Rodeo for this week…

Until next time! Icon_0027_Lucky-clover

Timber Bottle Mail #8

I loaded up my game this morning to find a letter from Bunnie. It looks like she decided to leave after all, despite sticking around for an extra day yesterday.

20180704_11-22-19.793 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180704_11-22-07.896 ANIMAL CROSS.png

We’ll miss you, Bunnie! According to Amy and Choco, my personal Wild World experts, villagers sometimes do stay in boxes for two days if they haven’t quite made up their mind about moving. It basically acts as a second opportunity to change their mind. Good to know, even if it was a little too late for Bunnie! Icon_0020_Gyroid

This morning’s turnip prices were a lot better than yesterday, although there still wasn’t a clear trend that I could work out for this week. I decided to hold onto them until the afternoon, rather than make a profit of 11 bells per turnip…

20180704_11-25-58.468 ANIMAL CROSS.png

On the bright side, the Able Sisters were selling one of my all-time favourite items this morning, so I snatched that up before carrying out today’s business in town.

20180704_11-28-54.383 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Today, like every other Wednesday, Crazy Redd was set up in front of the town hall.

20180704_11-33-47.364 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180704_11-34-49.193 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I took a quick look but he was selling the worthy painting, which I already bought and donated last week. Ah well, I’ll see you next week, Redd.

As for Rocco, you guessed it! He’s still sick. This will be my eighth day bringing him medicine… Am I doing something wrong? I wouldn’t really mind but I’m worried this cold might be preventing him from packing up and leaving Timber!

20180704_11-36-20.753 ANIMAL CROSS.png

The clock struck twelve (ok Cinderella, calm down) as I left Rocco’s place. So I headed back to Nook’s to check his afternoon prices.

I bumped into Marina just outside. She wanted to gift me her bromo bromelea potted plant, and I was happy to accept; you can never have too many plants!

20180704_11-39-10.027 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180704_11-39-28.546 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Don’t worry, Marina; your broccoli is in very good hands! Icon_0003_Watering-can

Nook’s turnip prices had gone up to 135 bells each. I caved and sold my stash since the prices so far this week have been pretty… unruly. Not a great profit, but still a lot better than a loss.

20180704_12-01-36.527 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180704_12-21-34.893 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I carted my turnip bells over to the town hall and made another donation of 50,000 bells to Boondox, which should be just enough for me to receive my next letter. Pelly said they’ll use my donation to cope with a recent flu outbreak!

20180704_12-26-34.992 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180704_12-26-45.761 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Pelly, poor Rocco has been sick for a week straight! Icon_0004_Medicine

I used some of the remainder to cover my mortgage, although I still have a long way to go before the next house upgrade.

I ended my day the same as aways: with a piping hot cup of Brewster’s finest. Icon_0018_Music-note

20180704_12-46-53.552 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180704_12-47-08.759 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Until next time! Icon_0027_Lucky-clover